Are You a Business Maverick?

Look at the picture below. What do you see?




You may be a maverick if you chose the last one. But how do you know for sure?

Every business owner contains within him or herself courage and a spark of independence; working long hours without the certainty of a corporate paycheck, legal concerns, employee wages, and taxes are enough to make any sane person turn and run away. With that said, not all business owners aspire to be maverick business owners.




Three Types of Business Owners. What’s Your Type?

At Shop Local we’ve identified three types of small business owners.

    1. Franchise Owners. These intelligent types want to play it safe, relatively speaking. They feast on sound business principles and follow the models of success that have come before them. They’re not interested in re-inventing the wheel, they just want to drive the car.
    2. Entrepreneurs. Risk takers with a lot of initiative, entrepreneurs are creative and see a myriad of possibility. They’re great at starting projects and inspiring others with their vision.
    3. The Maverick Business Owner. Mavericks take sound business principles and apply them in unique and interesting ways. They are not only creative, they are able to take their creative ideas, implement them, and make them scalable. Where conventional wisdom says, “Can’t be done,” The Maverick sees opportunity. If on the outside they seem a little quirky or a bit opinionated, it’s only because they have to break with conventional wisdom to get things done.

We’ve identified some local Mavericks here in the South Bay. Their businesses come in all shapes and sizes. And because we believe in rewarding courage, creativity, discipline, and sound business acumen, we’ve created the South Bay Business Mavericks Gala & Grant Awards.

If you’ve just discovered that you are a maverick or perhaps you know of one, then you’re in the right place! Join us as we celebrate local and independent small business mavericks here in the South Bay at our annual Gala.

Are you a Business Maverick?

We hand-select a dynamic group of prominent local business leaders and influencers to be part of our panel. Panelists are asked to be forthcoming and share their stories of courage, creativity, and risk-taking that goes along with running a business and growing a brand to inspire attendees.  To be considered for the Mavericks panel, please click below to apply.

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