Mavericks, Mavens and Mentors


M3 Events Happening in April, July & October 2017

Only 4 events per year, this series will allow guests to take away specific actions to help them grow personally and in business.

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− Power Sessions Focused on Your Success −

The South Bay Business Mavericks comes once a year, but in 2017 we’re proud to announce that we’re going to keep the wave of inspiration going with Mavericks Mavens & Mentors.

M3 events are smaller more intimate sessions inspired by the annual South Bay Business Mavericks presented by Localista Media. Each M3 event features a special guest speaker, business expert or community leader to share valuable insights to help us in business and professionally.

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Our connection-building events are designed to inspire you and give you strategies to help you stay on top of your game!

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