Our Why

We believe in the small business owner and honor the hard work and grit it takes to be in business.

We also believe it often takes a Maverick to blaze a path to success and we can learn a lot from Business Mavericks who’ve been there and back, and love what they do!

My dream is to give business owners the power to stay strong and thrive. I believe that when we get together and learn from business leaders and influencers in our community, we become better, stronger and more successful in business and life. The Mavericks event is an opportunity to connect, build relationships, learn, and honor small business.  I see many of our attendees each year moved by stories of persistence and passion, and they come away with a renewed focus, great connections and the drive to keep going.
– Heidi Butzine, Founder ShopLocal.us

All great businesses start from the same place – dedication and inspiration. We may be a Maverick deep inside and just need that little spark to ignite us.

We created the South Bay Business Mavericks to be that spark of inspiration to launch and lead in business.

Mavericks Moderator, Heidi Butzine, ShopLocal.us

Who We Are

South Bay Business Mavericks is an annual Gala founded by Heidi Butzine. A passionate business woman who wants to create healthy, wealthy, and vibrant communities by empowering and supporting local businesses!

Heidi Butzine

“It’s my passion to connect people with our local business community by recognizing the courage, creativity, discipline, and sound business acumen – and the big ideas it takes to be a business maverick.”


“We raise awareness in our communities of the benefits of supporting local businesses that drive the economy, encourage innovation, support communities and create jobs.”

What to Expect at South Bay Business Mavericks

One night. 5 prominent business leaders who have the power to inspire hundreds.

Toast and cheer for three lucky small businesses during the Grant Awards Ceremony.

Movers and Shakers. Meet the Mavericks. Power networking. Connect with quality sponsors!

Who is South Bay Business Mavericks For?

Business Owners Business Owners

Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs

Startups Startups

Business Professionals Business Professionals

Media Media

Business Organizations Business Organizations

Community Leaders Community Leaders

Cool People Cool People

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