Bailey’s eyes were yellow and she wasn’t eating… she was very, very ill. Her owner, Jean Brusavich’s heart sank when vet after vet said Bailey was too sick and she should be put down. “I remember thinking, I can’t do that, she’s like my child,” said Ms. Brusavich.

Brusavich knew that Bailey had years of life left in her. Her perseverance paid off when she found a group of specialists who were able to perform the delicate surgery the Basenji-Shepard mix so desperately needed.

Bailey survived, but the recovery was long and Bailey’s hind legs began to atrophy. Finally, Jean found a pet rehab center in the San Fernando Valley that used swimming for rehabilitation.

The surgery combined with the rehab and a loving owner not only extended Bailey’s life for years, it greatly improved the quality of her life. Now, luckily for South Bay pet owners, they don’t have to look far to rehabilitate their dogs after surgery or improve the quality of life for their senior dogs; Jean Brasuvich has dedicated her life and her business to helping these dogs with her TranquilPet Animal Healing and Wellness business.

It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World
You might think that starting a pet-wellness business in Southern California where there’s a yoga center on every corner would be easy, that customers would be lining up at your door, but as many new and seasoned entrepreneurs know, that is not usually the case. “I worked in a law firm for 25 years, and when I opened TranquilPet I didn’t know anything about running a business or marketing,” said Ms. Brusavich. During her time at the law firm, Ms. Brusavich had been taking classes on animal wellness. With the help of the local entrepreneurial center she opened TranquilPet, but even after years of running her business she still struggled with marketing.

10.21.2015 Business Mavericks

How $500 Won Her More Clients
Before winning the grant award, clients would trickle in every few months, now Ms. Brusavich has a steady stream of two to three new clients coming in every month.

How? By investing her winnings in marketing her business. Since last October, she has been able to hire a marketing consultant, has shortened her sales cycle, and expanded her customer base, “It used to be difficult to replace clients, but now I’m getting more clients because I had the money to join BNI [Business Networking International] and do other grassroots marketing,” said Ms. Brusavich.

Looking Towards the Future
Thanks to the grant from and her increasing customer base, Ms. Brusavich’s confidence has soared and as a result she is hoping to expand TranquilPet Animal Healing and Wellness, “I’m looking for an apprentice and I’d like to open the pool seven days a week,” said Brusavich.

Watch TranquilPET’s Grant Video submission from 2015

Why Apply for the Grant? is part of a grassroots effort to inspire more people to buy from local businesses in neighborhoods across America to keep our communities healthy, wealthy, and vibrant. To help local businesses achieve greater visibility and profitability, certifies small locally-based and independent businesses.  When asked about and the grant, Ms. Brusavich replied, “I have been telling other small business owners that they should apply for the grant.” is hosting its 4th Annual Small Indie Business Grant Awards program for businesses based in the South Bay. This year’s winners will be revealed at the South Bay Business Mavericks Gala & Grant Awards ceremony taking place on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 at the Toyota USA Automobile Museum. Based on last year’s success, they expect 150 attendees at the gala event, including local entrepreneurs, community leaders and small business owners.

When asked why do the grant awards? Founder, Heidi Butzine said, “The Grant Awards program is our way of giving back to the South Bay business community. We know it takes a lot to run your own business. It’s the courage, persistence and passion that drives the small business owners to get out there every day and serve our community. We’re proud to host the Small Indie Business Grant program to honor the tremendous contribution small businesses make to the national and local economy.”

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