I wanted to let you know that the Small Business Grants are open again this year and applications are already coming in.

We just need a few more sponsors to join us and be part of supporting the small businesses right here in the South Bay that make our community so great!

We’re making a difference!

Just four years ago, I launched this program because I saw too many local businesses closing.

I knew that just a little support could go a long way in helping a small business grow.

Already we’ve seen the impact of last year’s grants helping winners.

They’ve boosted sales and hired people for their team with an eye towards the future. (Watch for these success stories coming soon.)

Sponsoring is more than writing a check.

It’s taking action to invest in the future of our local business community.

It’s proving that the people of the South Bay embrace small businesses and welcome start-ups entrepreneurs.

It’s a small investment in our future.

I hope you’ll consider sponsoring this year.

If you can’t sponsor, please share this with someone who can benefit from getting exposure to 150 local business leaders.

All the best,

Heidi Butzine
Founder | ShopLocal.us
Chief Marketing Strategist | Localista Media
Direct:  (310) 308-0796